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I've been reading the threads on this Forum and decided this would be a great group to join in with. So here's a little backround, I'm a former 01 FFL holder ( for 14 years before things went South in CA) now a 03 C&R FFL holder. Been on numerous other Firearms Forums but now I know there is a Cal Specific Forum I'll be checking in here more often. I've got several questions out the gate here but will try to find the correct threads if they exist.
I have a great deal going for C&R handgun deliveries, I have them shipped to an 01 FFL in Nevada then he just does a $20 FFL to FFL transfer and I register it myself without waiting period, DROS and Dealer FEEs only the $19 DOJ Fee. Plus when I drive over there to pick it up I pay 50 cents a gallon less for gas! Plus it get me out of the house for a couple of hours. So I think it's a win win situation.:D
I look forward to "lurking" a little and adding when I can, this Forum is a great resourse. Bob B.

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My first question is regarding sales of a non C&R handgun which is NOT on the dreaded "list" which was previously registered/owned in CA.
Recently I had found "online" a pistol which is not a C&R or on the List but was registered in CA by a previous owner. It is now owned by a Pawn Shop in So Cal. My question is, is it legal for me to buy it and have it shipped to my local 01 FFL to do the paperwork or do I have to present myself in person at the Pawn Shop to do the DROS stuff? I know about the C&R stuff but this is a new route I'm having to take to fill existing holes in the collection and I'm not knowledgable about this type of situation. I missed out on 2 pistols at a recent auction, AFTER checking with the auctioneer to confirm I could win and have shipped to my 01 FFL for the DROS work. I was told yes so I bid heavy and won them, as these were pistols I have been searching for. Then my 01 FFL says it has to be a private sale for him to accept them, then the auctioneer informs me HIS FFL says I would have to drive several hundred miles to complete the transaction in person. So I'm at a loss as to what is correct and legal. Any clarification out there?? Regards, Bob B.

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You've got a nice setup right there, in regards to the C&R's. Welcome to Calguns. Good to have you here.

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Thanks! It took several years effort to educate some Nevada Dealers. I have one in Reno, well 2 if you count Cabella's, that will sell to me and my most used fella is relatively local to me and a CA resident with his business in NV so that helps alot! If you want to see one of the largest inventories of C&R's try Bizarre Gun on Oddie Blvd in Reno/Sparks. Just DON'T mention you're from CA as they won't let you even touch anything, legal or not. Last I heard as of a couple of years back, my last visit, they won't even deal with CA Dealers. BUT they have been advertising thier "largest gun inventory in NV" pretty heavy on TV lately. BB

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Welcome to Calguns!

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Welcome to Calguns! :)

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