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04-15-2011, 2:33 PM
Act now to contact your local legislator and the members of the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee today and voice your strong SUPPORT for AB 1046 THE HUNTING PRESERVATION ACT! Don’t delay! And, don’t forget to spread the word and ask others to get involved. The Committee’s contact information can be found below.

AB 1046 is set for hearing on April 26, 2011, at 9:00 a.m., in room 437, at the State Capitol, in the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee. CRPA members are encouraged to attend the hearing.

AB 1046 – THE HUNTING PRESERVATION ACT CRPA and NRA have joined together again to co-sponsor AB 1046 (B. Berryhill) to preserve hunting in California for future generations. Fishing is already a constitutional right in our state. AB 1046 will prohibit the Fish and Game Commission from imposing an outright ban on hunting, but it will preserve the Commission’s power to regulate seasons, take, and other means necessary to manage and conserve wildlife populations.

On April 6, 2011, the Fish and Game Commission voted to support AB 1046. Their support of this legislation is significant. The Commission is acknowledging that they are not giving away their authority to regulate and manage hunting. They are, however, supporting a guarantee for California hunters that the Commission cannot ban hunting just because a majority of future Commissioners, at some point in time, are opposed to hunting.

PROTECT CALIFORNIA’S PROUD HUNTING HERITAGE for today’s hunters and future generations. Act now and join other CRPA members and voice your strong support for AB 1046. Call and/or email the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee members and your local legislator. Urge a YES VOTE on AB 1046.

Please contact the members of the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee today!

Assembly Committee On Water, Parks And Wilidlife Contact:

Jared Huffman - Chair (Dem)
District 6
(916) 319-2006

Linda Halderman - Vice Chair (Rep)
District 29
(916) 319-2029

Bob Blumenfield (Dem)
District 40
(916) 319-2040

Nora Campos (Dem)
District 23
(916) 319-2023

Paul Fong (Dem)
District 22
(916) 319-2022

Mike Gatto (Dem)
District 43
(916) 319-2043

Roger Hernández (Dem)
District 57
(916) 319-2057

Ben Hueso (Dem)
District 79
(916) 319-2079

Brian W. Jones (Rep)
District 77
(916) 319-2077

Ricardo Lara (Dem)
District 50
(916) 319-2050

Kristin Olsen (Rep)
District 25
(916) 319-2025

Mariko Yamada (Dem)
District 8
(916) 319-2008