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11-14-2006, 4:20 PM

Have any of you used this?

I was doing some searching online about where to buy BLM field maps to be sure I was shooting on BLM and not private land and stumbled upon this. I don't recall ever seeing this before so maybe it is newly released?

Go to the link above and click "Federal Land Stewardship" and then "Map Viewer and Download".

I have just started surfing around on it but it is already starting to show itself very useful. You can turn on B&W aerial photos, topo maps, Surface Management Agency, and all sorts of other layers. It even looks like you can download the data and surf it on a laptop while on the road. I am in the middle of the 87mb download for CA-BLM...

I still need to buy the paper maps but this looks like an invaluable tool!

11-16-2006, 12:41 AM
good find, triage:)
I'll download the ARCreader and take a look at the maps.

I have an older version of National Geographic's TOPO! (http://maps.nationalgeographic.com/topo/) and they have additional maps for download in the mapXchange section. Some folks at LocalHikes (http://www.localhikes.com/MSA/MSA_4472.asp) have uploaded their GPS waypoints to their favorite hikes and trails. Give it a try, there's lots and lots of interesting trails.

I've also found these free viewers, USAPhotoMaps (http://www.jdmcox.com/) and TopoFusion (http://www.topofusion.com/)(demo ver). Haven't tried these yet, but the Topofusion seems interesting, especially with 3D terrain visualization.