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04-14-2011, 10:25 AM
Subject: S.O.S. For Metcalf Range.

"Fellow Sport Shooters/ Trainers/ Hunters/ Enthusiasts:

It has come to my attention very recently, that the South San Jose Metcalf Range (Official name: Santa Clara County Field Sports Park Shooting Range) in South San Jose has come under scrutiny by one person. The identity of the person in question is not relevant as much as the fact that NO ONE has opposed him because no one has known about his complaints against the range.

If you sport shoot/ train/ or just occasionally plink @ Metcalf, which has become a "fortress of solitude" for some of us (just to get away from life for a while and relax), this effects you.

The person in question is requesting the County Officials that the usual, customary, and reasonable hours of business at the Metcalf Range be reconsidered to suit him. His home was built after the range was built in 1978. This will have a dramatic impact on sporting and training classes and just your average plinker in general. To show your opposition to ANY of the changes in range hours and days please contact:

District One Supervisor Mike Wasserman (He is PRO 2nd Amendment, and our collective votes helped Mike Wasserman get into office)
at mike.wasserman@bos.sccgov.org or you can call his office directly at 408-299-5010

If you don't email or call, YOU CANNOT make a difference. Lastly, DO NOT contact Metcalf Range or any of it's employee's regarding this matter. This is a matter that can ONLY be fought and resolved by contacting the Office of Mike Wasserman. "

Thank you!

04-14-2011, 10:28 AM
:dupe: Almost word for word. You guys on the same e-mail list? :D


04-14-2011, 10:30 AM
The Santa Clara County Members' Council is aware of this issue, and is working with the range to rectify the situation. Bottom line: there was a law passed in 1996 that protects shooting ranges from this kind of thing. So long as the guys at Metcalf do the right thing, there isn't much the neighbor can do about the range other than make a lot of noise about it.

But contacting Mike Wasserman is a good idea too. It's always good to let him know we have his back.

04-14-2011, 11:02 AM
:dupe: Almost word for word. You guys on the same e-mail list? :D


Yes, you may see some dupes on here. We've reached out to the NRA, as well as their youth training services, several Boy Scout troups that earn there achievement badges here, two Civilian Marksmanship Program groups that use the range for qualifications, several public educational training groups like Action Pistol Club, Defensive Shooting Group, Magpul Dynamics, LMS Defense, etc.

25,000 citizens and organized education groups use this range annually.

Your time sensitive support calls and emails to Mike Wasserman's office are critical.

Thank you for helping the range, and yourselves.