View Full Version : Stock options for Mcmillian A5

04-12-2011, 1:26 PM
I bought a R700 sps which is going to be my first bolt gun and went cheap on the rifle for now but I want to start accessorizing it for when I get the action trued and a match barrel installed. My first upgrade is going to be the stock like in the title I'm planning on getting the A5.

I'm not 100% sure what to order on it as far as options go for starters I want to add aluminum pillars.

1. Does anyone know what the difference between the pillars and the machined pillars are. Is it just tapped for the right thread pattern that will screw into the action?

2. Are the pillars pre installed into the stock?

3. Since I'm using pillars do I still need it to be bedded?

4. What's the difference between the integral cheekpiece and the thumbwheel cheekpiece?

5. If I'm planning on putting a Badger M5 on do I mention that to them?

5. Are the swivels installed into pre determined areas on the stock or can I have them put them in specified areas?