View Full Version : WTS: Rifle Bullet Boxes New (Bay Area)

04-11-2011, 8:31 PM
Hello CalGuns,

I got some brand new bullet boxes that I can't use cause they don't fit my bullets...weird thing is I have the same boxes in a different color and they work great. These are a little tight for my 5.45x39

Brand: Berry's MFG
Small Boxes Size Label- 405-222/223 (Holds 50 Bullets)
Big Boxes Size Label- 005 .17Rem/.223 (Holds 100 Bullets)

Small Box Price- $1.75 Each (I have 6 available ALL blue)
Big Box Price $2.75 Each (I have 5 available ALL blue)

FTF ONLY....Buy ALL for a whopping $23.00

Located In Sunnyvale, would prefer notice before hand as I do not carry these on me at all times.