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04-11-2011, 6:13 PM
Up for sale is a Like new Stag 6.8 complete lower reciever.
Looking for a fast sale.No shipping.Buyer Pays dros.Bright Spot or Ammo Bros ONTARIO for the Transfer.Buyer chooses.
Reciever is a Stag CAL 6.8
CMMG Lower parts kit with anti walk pins
Milspec buffer tube 6 position
Vltor clubfoot stock
Magpul Miad pistol gripwith adjust. frt and rear backstraps
JD Machine aluminum trigger guard
C-Products 5 rd blacken stainless mag
Prince 50 maglok
Round count is less than 200 but you really can't tell.
The asking price is $OFF The Market
Please NO TRADES I just need cash to keep the old lady from spanking my as_!
Looking to move it before the weekend or I'll just keep it and take my punishment.HAHA :devil2:
Ask your questions 1st
1st post "I'll take it " followed by a PM !