View Full Version : WTS Match Rifle Set (PNW Rear, RPA Front, Gehmann Iris front and rear)

04-11-2011, 12:29 PM
I've decided to clean up my accessories drawer and my loss is your gain.

I'm selling a set of aperture sights. The Rear is a PNW with Match Rifle clicks. The Front is a Low-Profile RPA 18mm Front Sight.

There are also Gehmann Front and Rear Irises. The front is a Gehmann 520A 2.4-4.5 mm iris (with a horizontal bar) (http://www.champchoice.com/prod-GEHMANN_FRONT_IRIS_W_HORIZ__BAR__2_4_4_4mm__18mm_-781.aspx). The rear is a Gehmann 510 Rear Iris 0.5-3mm (http://www.sinclairintl.com/.aspx/pid=36767/Product/Gehmann_Rear_Standard_Iris)

They served me well on my Tikka Master Sporter but I no longer have the rifle so I'm selling the sights.

I'm asking:
$280+shipping for the Rear Sight alone.
$40+shipping for the Front Sight alone.
$80+shipping for the Front Iris alone.
$45+shipping for the Rear Iris alone.
$110 for the front sight assembly (Front Sight and Front Iris)
$320 for the rear sight assembly (Rear Sight and Rear Iris)

$420 shipped for everything.

http://www.pictureshoster.com/thumbnails/itxwhv5ytxq2aa4r66zi_thumb.jpg (http://www.pictureshoster.com/viewer.php?file=itxwhv5ytxq2aa4r66zi.jpg)
http://www.pictureshoster.com/thumbnails/z8lupp3i0qrdv9uspjm1_thumb.jpg (http://www.pictureshoster.com/viewer.php?file=z8lupp3i0qrdv9uspjm1.jpg)
http://www.pictureshoster.com/thumbnails/hoy7ri6edc96092ufq9_thumb.jpg (http://www.pictureshoster.com/viewer.php?file=hoy7ri6edc96092ufq9.jpg)
http://www.pictureshoster.com/thumbnails/mz13q98hmejqtw0n8bt_thumb.jpg (http://www.pictureshoster.com/viewer.php?file=mz13q98hmejqtw0n8bt.jpg)
http://www.pictureshoster.com/thumbnails/93i2nn4mxr50ijcsk2u_thumb.jpg (http://www.pictureshoster.com/viewer.php?file=93i2nn4mxr50ijcsk2u.jpg)

Thanks for looking,

PS QBG, ivanimal, and many others can vouch for me.

04-15-2011, 7:42 PM
nobody's into Highpower these days?