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04-11-2011, 12:44 AM
Hi folks,

my family and I (35) will move to the LA South Bay within the next three months through a visa petition filed by our employer.

The last two years I have spent my spare time with IPSC handgun shooting and rifle/machine gun practice in the Army reserve. Just last Saturday we were at the G-36 range again with some fellow GIs of the 66th MI from USAG Wiesbaden, qualifying for the Bundeswehr Schuetzenschnur. Last year we were invited to Wiesbaden, where I qualified for the M-16 rifle and M-9 pistol "expert" badge.

My private babies are a custom 2011 hicap .40 S&W, a Benelli Supernova 12, and a Swiss K31 (7.5x55) which I'm about to sell all before the move.

As soon as I have hit SoCal soil and worked my way in the new position as the manager of a newly established distribution center, I want to go shooting again. Due to the cost of ammo and the Calif. anti AW laws, I'm quite sure to be looking for something like a SIG 522 first. Also I'll be looking for peers I can join for some recreational shooting down in the South Bay.

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Big E
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Welcome to Calguns. South Bay means different things to different people. Once you find which town you'll be living in, I'm sure you'll find a Calgunner nearby willing to met up with you. Personally, I'm a little east on of the South Bay Area but feel free to PM me once you get down here. Again, welcome to the site.

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Willkommen zu den cal-Gewehren.

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This question has been asked here already... Possession of firearms of Tourists and Visa holders. I'm sure you did your research (since you found Calguns) and I'm not sure which category you fall under but I just wanted to remind you about this:


My sister-in-law's cousins came and visited from Germany and got turned down from shooting with us because they showed their German passports and IDs. Not all gunstores and ranges are welcoming.

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@Rusty: thanks for the link.

Well I actually did some email conversation with the ATF a few months back. Therefore I know that I can't bring in my firearms from Germany (at least not with reasonable effort). That's why I'm currently selling everything. Here's the point most important to my case:
With knowledge of the legal requirements it is not too hard for a nonimmigrant alien to purchase and own a gun in the U.S. If an alien has resided in a state for more than 90 days, and he/she also purchased a state hunting permit (which is available for a fee at most sports stores or super stores like Wal-Mart), he/she can purchase a handgun from an FFL in his/her state, or purchase a long gun from an FFL in any state.

Actually the ATF person told me that I can obtain a hunting permit from ANY state. If that is the case, where can one get the cheapest from? I thought I read something about Alaska where you can buy such a license on-line for just 20 bucks and print it off yourself...

SoCal Bob
04-11-2011, 2:47 PM
Welcome to Calguns, a great source of information.

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Welcome to CA and Calguns. Enjoy.