View Full Version : WTS: 38spc/.45 Brass

04-10-2011, 5:04 PM
Currently only have .38 spc run through walnut. Once the 9's and 45's are finished ill post them up.

Paypal (gift option) is preferred. If you are local I will take $10 off if you want to pick up (I can meet you in the tri valley area, located in San Ramon.) Checks are okay, I will send once it clears.

I will be shipping everything usps flat rate. Shipping price is included.

Times fired unknown. Mixed stamp.
.38 spc 1500 available. 1k for $50, 500 for $30 shipped.
9mm GONE

In the tumbler:
Close to 1k .45

.38 spc

04-10-2011, 5:26 PM
I see the picture of the .38 ... could you post a picture of the 45mm?:confused:

Hah, yeah, I was going to put it up once I had cleaned it, but here is some unclean .45's:

I only have a lyman 1200 so it takes me a few days to clean and count the stuff. Currently running about half of my 9's in it right now. Note: Tarnish is deceiving, it was my dads and he cleaned it before he stored it, but it has been stored in a torn paper bag. I am recleaning it and sorting out bad / nickel shells.

04-11-2011, 11:45 PM
Ill take all the 9mm you have (1k right?). No need to tumble as I tumble my own. I could pick it up in the morning (Tuesday morning) and pay cash, as I'm heading that way anyway on my way to the Livermore range. PM me. Or we can meet up later as I'm not that far away (Im in Orinda).