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Swift Justice
04-09-2011, 10:58 AM
1943 Inland (barrel dated 9/43) M1 Carbine.
"Excellent adjective 1. possessing outstanding quality or superior merit; remarkably good." That describes this M1 Carbine. This rifle was rebuilt by a man who sold M1 carbine parts at a table at gun shows. He rebuilt a couple of complete rifles replacing parts as necessary with the best US GI parts he had for a few friends (one of whom I bought the rifle from about a year ago). As such there are no import marks of any kind on it.

All parts have been re-parkerized (barrel, receiver, barrel band, etc.). From what I can determine the rest of the parts are either in excellent condition or are new unissued G.I. parts, but I in no way profess to be an expert on M1's. Please refer to the picture of the data sheet for specific part descriptions and marks. The stock has the Inland cartouche and appears to be cut for an M2 selector, but it is not a pot-belly stock.

The overall condition of the rifle appears to be excellent. I have not fired it and I was told it has not been fired since it was rebuilt. The condition of the action, etc., makes me believe that claim. The barrel and chamber look new to me. The only blemishes I have found are on the stock just under the pistol grip which appear to be a couple of small safe dings. They are hardly visible (see photo and video).

This rifle is not being sold as, nor do I represent that it is, a completely original rifle as left the factory or was never issued or used, or was never rebuilt at an arsenal at some time. As far as I can tell, it is a rebuilt rifle with the best quality U.S. GI parts and stock and in its present condition it could pass for a brand new, never issued rifle.

What you will get:
1943 Inland M1 Carbine. Included with the rifle are the following:
1. One 5 round magazine
2. One 15 round magazine rebuild kit
3. Sling and oiler. (sling is believed to be a reproduction but may be a new unissued one)
4. Magazine pouch. (marked "Boyt 43", new condition, likely a reproduction but may be original).
5. One box (50 rounds) new Wolf .30 Carbine ammo (steel cased).

What you will pay:
All the above for $1,000.00 $850.00. *SOLD* This is not a CMP grab bag rifle, nor a beat to death Big 5 special, nor a re-import. First post in this thread with an "I'll take it" followed by a PM will secure the deal. Please don't post "I'll take it" if you want different terms - PM me first.

Where you will go to get it:
FTF can be arranged in the Sacto/EG/Rancho Cordova area or shipped to you within California with the shipping charges being added onto the sales price. This rifle is C&R eligible, and I will sell it cash and carry. You must sign a statement that you are not precluded from owning or possessing firearms, and you must show me a DL if you look like you need to be carded. You will not need to sign the statement if you have an LEO ID, or show a valid CCW or PC 832 certificate. Payment by cash or U.S. Postal money order only.

A short video of the rifle:

Album of pictures here:




The Data sheet:

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Very nice carbine.... PM me if you are willing to adjust your price with a cash offer. Mike

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This is so beautiful I can't tell you. I really wish I had the money. :tt1: