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04-09-2011, 9:31 AM
Hey there my friends! I will start by saying that I do not post here (obviously) but im good to go. I have hundreds of sales/trades/purchases on both of the Sniper forums, Harmony Central musicians forums, and 100% positive feedback on the bay, along with a handful of good deals on here! I also do not live in Cali so shipping will have to do!

I am putting my mint condition Gen 5 WoTac 4-14x50 (with Butler Creek flip caps) up for sale. It still has the box, extra set screws for the caps, allen wrench, and cleaning cloth. And of course comes with the lifetime transferable warranty!!!

The scope is in mint condition with no problems what so ever. Its only been shot once before to test it, all was good so I put my new (old stock) Redfield on instead. I mounted/dismounted it at the rage, no ring marks from my Mark 4 rings either! In fact the knobs are smoother too because I took them off, cleaned them up, and put a different grease in them, the factory gooey stuff is gross and makes them too stiff in the cold. The clicks are loud and its good to go!

I recently purchased a Vortex Viper with a few more options that I was looking for in a scope (also had to drop an additional $350 over what I paid for my Wotac!) so thats why this guy has to go. Sometimes a guy just needs a smaller objective, illuminated scope!

I really am not sure what I want to get for it besides the most that I can. I know they are $330 new and like $15 to ship, and mine has the Butler Creek flips that are $10 a piece so just make me a reasonable offer. Oh and I always include shipping in the price, I will not tell you a price for the scope then say I need $15 for shipping, im just gonna factor it in with full insurance.

Feel free to email me at jonvolution@yahoo.com or PM me here. Thanks a ton!


p.s. I will provide a few (but not the best quality as I do not own a digi cam) pics for the serious buyer if they want them!!!

04-11-2011, 9:32 AM
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