View Full Version : SPF: 24 USGI Garand En Blocs - $20 FTF

04-09-2011, 8:14 AM
Cleaning out the garage and found a small stash of USGI en blocs. They are all AGE marked - Aggressive Engineering Corp (Millitary contract), Anaheim, CA. I bought them from Jeff Bartlett at GIBrass.com a few years ago as part of a big lot.

Four of them are '1' marked and 20 are '2' marked. All are in good shape though some may exhibit a little surface rust. They have been soaked in CLP for days and scrubbed.

You can pick them up in Tracy until Thursday April 14th or I can drop in them in a priority flat rate for an extra $6.
Terms: FTF is cash. If you want them shipped, I only accept USPS Money order.

First PM with I'll take 'em gets 'em.
SPF to tdp113530

04-10-2011, 4:18 PM
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