04-01-2011, 7:21 PM
GEN 2 Rail/dust cover is a 1 piece unit that replaces the dust cover and separate rail of the gen 1 and is a billet machined dust cover with built in picatinny rail.
The rail mounts the optics over the bore and low as possible on an ak unless running an ultimak gas tube mount .The new dust cover mount allows for co witness with optics and the optional rear peep sight.

Test fitted on several styles of ak and with the built in adjustments the gen 2 rail fit all styles from Bulgarian,Romainan,Polish,Hungarian,Russian AK 47,74 rpk,underfolder, side folder and pistols .

Several brands of rail mounts fit the machined rail no problem from factory aimpoint,eotech,larue and badger.

Checked if it retained zero by opening and closing repeatedly and shooting for groups to notice if there was a poi/poa shift.
No shift noticed.

Fired the rifle with the rail in place with the c clip removed and the front cross pin stayed put which is good if the c clip comes off in the field.

My thoughts.

Also with this setup of a 1x4 optic in this case the peep sight has no place to fit so I bored out the peep sight and moved it forward onto my ultimak which I still run a flashlight on. Got good hits with the peep moved to the forward position.

With low rings and the vltor ak adapter / magpul ctr riser combo you get a consistent cheek weld.

Loctite the 2 front screws as the dust cover will shift to the back position under recoil within the dust cover slot.

On some rifles the front sight leaf spring needed to be bent down for the front cross pin to clear the spring and fit the bigger of the 2 front sight holes.

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Items not charged till in stock. Just place an order reserve 1 from the first batch. Just got in and mailed out our first shipment to people who reserved units 2nd part of first shipment do in next week. Items shipped in the order they are resevered.

04-06-2011, 5:40 PM
2nd batch inbound.

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