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03-31-2011, 9:05 PM
Like normal.

So I buy a one year Appleseed Membership
then a Pay for a 2 day event
and then I can use the CMP program?

I notice everything is good until you get the Rifleman patch, then what happens? Do i just renew? Or do you graduate to some sorta special program with a new membership?

Finally how long does it take to get a patch? can you do it in a weekend? Or is it like a 4 weekend show, then if you are so good then you get a patch?

03-31-2011, 9:18 PM
okay.. FINAL FINAL... on the FAQ page they say to bring a rifle without scope? I thought we were supposed to bring one with a scope LOL... which is it? which would I have the most fun with?

03-31-2011, 9:35 PM
OK, lots of different questions. I'll take 'em one at a time. :D

1. If you want to buy a rifle from the CMP, you need to provide (along with proof of citizenship etc.) two things:

a) Evidence of attendance at a live-fire marksmanship course or competition, and
b) Membership in a club emphasizing marksmanship.

Going to an Appleseed satisfies the first requirement. After the class -- at closing on Saturday is best -- ask your shoot boss for a CMP form, and he or she will give one to you. This gets sent in with your CMP order form.

Joining the RWVA satisfies the second requirement. A one-year RWVA membership is $20. You can do this on-line or at an Appleseed shoot. RWVA is just one of many clubs affiliated with the CMP. With your CMP application, you submit a copy of your current membership card. You do not need to join RWVA just to go to an Appleseed, but you will need some kind of club membership to buy from the CMP.

2. There is no fixed time it takes to get a Rifleman patch. If you score over 210 out of 250 on an official AQT at an Appleseed, you will earn the Rifleman patch. Rarely, people do that on their first Appleseed. If not, come back to another one and try again, try to learn the things you missed the first time -- it is a lot of material and it takes practice. The average is three Appleseeds. It took me two. I know of folks who needed six, but who hung in there and got it done.

3. Earning a Rifleman patch means... you are an RWVA Rifleman. No more and no less. There is more to life than just earning the patch.

4. The only thing the Rifleman patch gets you, besides the envy of your peers, is it is one of the requirements to join the RWVA as a volunteer instructor. Every red hat and every orange hat has earned the patch, so you can be sure that we know what we're talking about.

5. Whether to bring a scoped rifle or one with iron sights is up to you. Both work. If you have good eyesight, I'd recommend you bring irons. If you need a scope, bring a rifle with a scope. Those targets are kinda small.

04-01-2011, 8:16 PM
Also note that if you have a HSC (handgun safety card) that counts as a "other firearms activity" so you would also just need the club membership. It used to require live fire, and some of the text on the website is a bit ambiguous, but the CMP's chief operating officer has posted repeatedly that the HSC is fine and a number of members here have done that.

Point being if you join a suitable club (such as on the Appleseed website, or there are some clubs that count that are more on the collecting side, like the GCA http://www.thegca.org/ ) and if you have an HSC you don't have to wait for the next Appleseed event to get your CMP paperwork in. You should still do an Appleseed anyway of course!

04-04-2011, 8:50 PM
Norseman 308
looks like your doing research on Appleseed project.
Suggest you sign on to their forum and obtain a name . Norseman 308 is probably not taken ----Yet
BTW I like your choice of caliber ;)