View Full Version : range report--CHIAPPA UPPER/ar build report

03-31-2011, 2:20 PM
took the new ar build to the range today.

bought a chiappa .22lr upper at the costa mesa show last weekend,paired it with a del-ton lower with a dpms lpk,dpms stock,red dot scope,blackdog 10rd mags,stag round handguard from a previous build upgrade.gun cost with out scope and rear sight was 550 with dros and taxes.

4 brands of ammo was used for break-in today and trial.

fte=failure to eject/ftf=failure to fire/ftl=failure to load.

federal bulk (walmart 535 stuff)--125rds zero ftf/fte/ftl's
cci ar tactical (new run stuff) --125rds zero ftf/fte/ftl's
cci minimag --100rds zero ftf/fte/ftl's
Winchester super-x -- 100rds 10 ftf/0 fte/2 ftl's:mad:i never use this brand anyway and only had 100rds for this test only.


accuracy was pretty nice groups and consistent.very fun rifle to shoot and easy to go through tons of ammunition in a short time,as i was breaking in the gun and stress testing i went through the 450rds in 1 hr 15 mins of continuous shooting.

i recommend this upper as a fun plinker gun.:D

and for those asking about the bullet button it is there because i plan on buying a 450 bushmaster soon to swap back and forth between the .22lr and 450 bushmaster,also considering a 6.8spc.i have a sweet 5.56 ar already and do not want to screw with it and built this lower with swapping uppers in mind.;)


04-01-2011, 8:09 AM
I have one too..
Broke it in with Mini Mags...

Got it a a great price ...