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11-04-2006, 4:51 AM
Check out http://www.texasborderwatch.com and help report illegal aliens cross the border...

Think we will ever see this at the CA border? :rolleyes:

As part of the Virtual Neighborhood Border Watch Program, the State of Texas has been testing video surveillance cameras in different environments along the 1240 miles of Texas/Mexico border using the internet to transmit the images. The last stage of the test is to stress the system by providing public access to eight surveillance cameras.

Thank you for helping test this important capability.

11-04-2006, 5:31 AM

Clicking on an Internet link might make you feel good but by the time a live person actually wanders into the area the illegals are long long long gone. That is if anyone ever actually responds. If they were really interested in closing the border the state of Texas would run afoul of the federal government like California has time and time again.

The federal government has blocked California at every step and turn when we've tried to so something about the tens of thousands of illegals crossing the border every night. If this link clicking was actually effective the feds would block it.