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11-03-2006, 7:42 PM
I was just thinking maybe there should be some kind of registration requirement before you can see the forum. If I remember didn't Bill Clinton sign some internet protection act that prevents LEO from persecuting people on a board with a disclaimer stating such? I could be completly wrong.

11-03-2006, 7:53 PM
Well you could just disable direct linking and re-rout any such links to a disclaimer page w/out requiring registration. That way it satisfies your concerns and still allow new people who are genuinely interested in.

Personally, I think it's fine the way it is.

11-03-2006, 11:35 PM
Almost a year ago, I was lurking through sigforums, when the topic of what was there term? I think they were calling it "California self loading legal rifles" or something like that. Because Calguns.net is an open forum, I, as well as countless others now own OLL that we never thought we would ever be able to behind the iron curtain. To be honest, if I had to register with calguns to follow the link, I probably would have ignored the threads, and would have a Sig 226ST instead of several OLL. :o