View Full Version : SOLD: Complete LMT MRP 16" Gas Piston Upper w/ Extras (OC area)

03-29-2011, 6:37 PM
Complete LMT MRP 16" Gas Piston Upper. Bought back in December 2010. Shot roughly 1000 rounds through it. Added from stock is Magpul BUIS set, BCM Gunfighter mod 4 (Medium) charging handle, ladder rail cover. NOT included in the picture, H2 buffer that came with the upper, A2 bird cage

BattleComp 2.0 is taken off already because i decide to keep it.

Package come with the complete upper assembly, 3 rail panel covers, torque wrench, user operation and safety manual.

Wear and scratches around the bullet deflector area and charing handle (should be normal).

The Gunfighter charging handle and magpul BUIS, im just throwing them in for free. Wont make price lower if you dont want them.


$1150 *SOLD*

I live in newport, dont mind face to face trade as long as its within 1 hour driving range. If paypal, you cover the fees.

PM if you have any questions. Thanks for looking !

03-30-2011, 11:30 AM
Ill take it as per our PM