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tuna quesadilla
03-28-2011, 7:29 PM
Hi all. For sale is one CZ-75 Kadet .22LR kit. This is a slide that attaches to any standard or compact CZ-75 frame and converts it to shoot .22LR. The trigger pull and other characteristics of your pistol remain exactly the same; the only thing that changes is that you can now shoot .22LR.

I put about 75 rounds through the kit and found it to be slightly more accurate on my P-01 than the standard 9mm slide. This kit is designed for accurate shooting with a fixed barrel and target sights.

Comes with a hard case and THREE .22LR magazines. No pictures handy but I'll try to add some later tonight.

Asking $330 OBO. Prefer FTF but I will ship on your dime if you send me a Postal money order. No paperwork or transfer is required because this is not a complete firearm.


03-28-2011, 7:33 PM
I want it, I got it. PM incoming.