View Full Version : Cedar Canyon Hunting Mistake on my part

10-31-2006, 6:17 PM
I think it was discussed here and I know how this can effect someone business so I want to make sure this is straightened out. I had posted before some incorrect information on Hunting Cedar Canyon. I was under the understanding that no one had got pigs on there hunt that I had not gone on, that was not correct. I was told today that they did get pigs, I was told the number was seven out of the eight hunters that were there got pigs. Also I was told that the chalet was snowed in and that was why it was closed, this isn't what I had understood but it is now corrected. Some how also it got turned around that I had hunted the property before and had not, this would have been my first trip. I know this is a friend of chris so what he had said about this being a good place to hunt must be correct considering he had hunted there. I hope this straighten things out.