View Full Version : Advice on 30mm to 3/8 mount

03-27-2011, 9:49 AM
I'm going to be picking up a Ultradot Match-dot to put on my Sig Trailside in the next day or so (thank you calguns) and I'm looking for advice on rings or a mount for that combo. The Trailside has an integral 3/8" dovetail which I was planning on using. There are purpose built mounts for them that are a better route but run $150+. The problem with the 3/8" dovetail is that you can not remove the slide with the sight mounted. What I'm thinking I'll probably end up trying is mounting two fairly wide rings, lapping them and trying to pick an index point on the groove that I can take off and reinstall to. Hopefully that will minimize rezeroing after cleaning. The other option I'm looking at is a one piece mount but I have not seen many options for that. That will also do a better job to prevent changing torque put on the sight from the rings. Any ideas?