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Hello All
New to this forum. Taken Delivery of my First Handgun this week, Really excited and looking forward to interacting with the forum. I do have a question regarding Shooting ranges in the sacramento Area. How many indoor and out door ranges are there in the Sacramento Area? Thanks for Having this forum here for a Newbie such as myself. J

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I usually go to Cordova shooting range off South Sunrise near Mather.

03-27-2011, 1:55 PM
We are fortune to have a lot of great options here. Outdoor ranges we have Sacramento Valley Shooting Range, Cordova Shooting Range, and Lincoln Rifle Club. Indoor we have The Gun Room in Elk Grove. I've only been to the Gun Room its a nice spot when the weather lets up I wanna go to the other places.


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welcome to the forum.

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We also have Yolo Sportsmans Club in Woodland. I haven't been there, they tell me it's nice. I belong to Sac Valley shooting center off of Ione rd. Nice place but it's a solid hour from Rio Linda. My advice is to check them all out and if you really love shooting join one it will save you some $'s, and welcome to CG.

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Congrats on the purchase. Welcome to Calguns. Enjoy your time at the range.

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Welcome aboard.

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Sacramento Valley Shooting Center has EVERY type of range, clean and very friendly.
Cordova Shooting Center is closer, but very run down.
The Gun Room is a nice indoor pistol range, but the ownership sucks and it's only for pistols.

03-27-2011, 9:09 PM
Ive been to all of them local, Oroville, Spenceville, both indoor ranges in Vacaville and the one in Ripon.

I'm a member of Lincoln, and its right around the corner from my house so I'm kind of biased but its my favorite. :D

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Welcome to Calguns! :)

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Welcome to the insane asylum, leave your wallet at the door if you know what's good for you :)

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Welcome aboard!

SoCal Bob
03-29-2011, 7:28 PM
Welcome to Calguns, so... what did you buy?

03-30-2011, 8:31 AM
1 newbie to another, welcome!

03-31-2011, 8:28 AM
I'm new here, as well. So far, here is where I've shot/visited:

The Gun Room - http://www.thegunroom.org/ - Sales counter people are friendly and will be glad to show you all the guns they have for sale, and give you advice. Probably the highest-priced place to buy a gun in Sac. County. Ammo is also on the high side. On the range side, they are OK, not quite as friendly. The range itself is nice, but could use some more sound-deadening material.

River City Guns - http://www.yelp.com/biz/river-city-gun-exchange-sacramento - Sales counter people are very friendly - this place has been very busy everytime I've been there, so be prepared to wait a while for service. This is where my wife & I have bought all of our handguns, mainly due to the reasonable prices. Ammo is reasonable, also.

Wild Bill's Old West Trading Company - http://www.yelp.com/biz/wild-bills-old-west-trading-company-elk-grove - They've got a HUGE amount of long guns here for sale. Also a huge amount of handguns. This place is also always busy, and they don't appear to keep track of who came in when - it is up to you to step up and ask for help. I bought my Ruger 10-22 rifle here. Medium priced weapons, cheaper than THE GUN ROOM, but not as cheap as River City Guns.

Cordova Shooting Center - http://www.cordovashootingcenter.com/ - They only have a small retail store, but the shooting range is pretty extensive, includes ranges for handgun, shotgun, skeet, clay. However, the ranges are outdated and pretty tore up. You'd think that they would put some money back into the place to make it more attractive. Plus side: it is outdoors, and is somewhat protected from the rain. Minus side: the covering leaks, the range itself looks like they haven't replaced any of the broken/shot wood for 15 years. They also provide gun training courses.

Wild Sports - http://www.wild-sports.com/contactus/ - Very friendly at the gun counter, ask to look at a gun, and they will get it down for you and let you handle it. The elderly person I spoke with did not have a lot of knowledge on the Sig Sauer I was checking out. Lots of ammo, reasonably priced.

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center - http://www.sacvalley.org/ - by far, this is the best shooting center in the area. It is very clean (including the bathrooms), reasonably priced, and the ranges themselves are top-notch. The only downside is that it is Sloughhouse, which is quite a drive from Sacramento. But it was worth it! Be sure and follow the map on the link above, don't listen to your GPS, as it will take you on a dirt/muddy road to get there. If you look at the site on Google Earth Satellite View, you can see how huge the place is, and can see all the different ranges they have. They have lots of clubs that meet there - see website above - they also have an Appleseed Shoot that I've heard good things about.