View Full Version : SOLD: LMT lower parts, Ergo grip, QRP2 mount taken off aimpoint PRO, (OC area)

03-25-2011, 6:50 PM
I am in Newport Beach in Orange County.
PM me if interested in any.

All these parts taken from my LMT defender lower. I bought it complete and replaced many stock parts. All parts have 300-350 round through them.

LMT charging handle: SOLD
LMT Single stage triger with spring and pins, trigger guard with pin, bolt release with pin : $55 shipped SOLD
A2 and ejection cover without rod: $free with any purchase, just tell me what you want (A2 and 1 ejection cover left) ALL GONE


Bought an Aimpoint PRO and this mount came with it. I mounted on my rifle and zeroed it. It was already on paper so pretty much less than 20 shot.

$85 shipped SOLD

Like New FDE Ergo deluxe grip in original package with two kind of screw rings (put it on and zeroed my sight and decide i dont like them) : $35 shipped SOLD
Black one: SOLD