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03-25-2011, 2:28 PM
Hello Everyone,

I just picked up a second handgun today and was on my way to pick up a third. These were all PPT transactions from 3 different dealers. The second dealer told me that if you pickup 2 or more a day, you are put on the ATF "Watch List". These were purchased on 3-10, 3-12 and 3-15-2011. My question is first of all is there this watch list, if so does it go by the pickup date or purchase date, if I did the PPT with 3 different dealers, who lets the ATF know, or does the ATF pick up this data on their own? And finally, is it a good idea to space the PPTs apart and how long?


03-25-2011, 2:54 PM
I believe the dealer is obligated to inform ATF of multiple handgun sales within a short time window- and I believe that window is 5 days.

Appears ATF doesn't really do anything with this data anyway - they just may call back the FFL if things look legit.

Happened to me 2-3 yrs ago when I picked up two consignment guns from the same shop within a 5 day window. ATF called back and inquired and was satisfied: "Oh that's just Bill, he's here every other weekend and he likes revolvers."

03-25-2011, 3:06 PM
Which dealer , there were 3 different one?


03-25-2011, 4:11 PM
Two within 5 days from same dealer. Not from different dealers.

03-25-2011, 4:44 PM
Thank you everyone, making a Calguns contribution for a third time this year!

03-25-2011, 4:45 PM
I purchased three handguns at one time from te same dealer. I had to fill out some form that they said they send to the da in my home county. I wasn't worried, I could have walked upstairs two floors at worked and talked to him face to face.

03-25-2011, 5:41 PM
Multiple handgun purchases within a 5 day period must be reported to ATF and local LE. The purchases are listed on a form and faxed to the appropriate places, and I keep a record on sight as well. I fill them out on a regular basis as I have a few collectors who can't seem to help themselves whenever they go online to "browse". It's no big deal...I've never had an "inquiry" on any of the forms I've faxed.