View Full Version : Questions about Majestic Arms Speed Strip 3.2

03-23-2011, 9:29 AM
So lately I've been contemplating upgrading my girlfriend's Ruger 22/45 mark III. I was considering the Volquartsen Accuracy kit (mark II version along with a mark II hammer bushing to get rid of the mag release safety) but then I read about the Majectic Arms 3.2 conversion kit. I've done a lot of searches for product reviews online, but haven't been able to find much feedback about this product. It seems like a good product though because it a) makes disassembly/reassembly much easier, b) shortens and cleans up trigger pull to about 3.5lbs c) gets rid of the mag release safety and d) it's only $50-$60.

The only thing that concerns me is my assumption that a hex head screw (which could work loose) is the only thing that is keeping the bolt from flying off, which could be ugly. Not likely, I know - but could this actually happen? Does anyone have any experience with the MA 3.2 kit? I would love to hear some firsthand feedback about this product (positive and negative).