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03-21-2011, 8:09 PM
I am still trying to determine which barrel company I want to go with for my AR15 but I am thinking Lilja, WOA and Compass Lake. Will go with a 20 inch stainless steel barrel so it will be a tack driver. All of the barrel makers seem to be really great. Right now I am leaning toward Lilja, for a number of reasons. However, the barrel I want has a threaded end. I am hoping Lilja will, for a fee, remove the threads and crown the barrel end. However, if they do not, I will either go with a muzzle brake or go with WOA or Compass Lake without a threaded end.

Here is the question to the forum. If I put a muzzle brake on the barrel, do I have to pin the brake. I found some forum discussion that indicated that the BATF required a welded pinned brake. However, it sounded like that was to ensure the AR15 was not an assault weapon. Anyone know if this is still the case, since the AW ban has expired. I could not find anything on the magic AR15 flow chart about having to pin and weld the muzzle brake. This is my main question.

The second question is anyone have experience with a muzzle brake on a 20 inch target gun. If I am going to put one on and use it at my range, I want something that is not going to part the hair of the guy shooting next to me and make my ears bleed. I know with the nature of muzzle reduction that is like asking for a Ferrari that gets 50 mpg. Any tips on a quiet muzzle brake that works? Any opinions on if it really matters or is it worth it?

03-21-2011, 8:12 PM
You don't have to pin it. People have done this on short barrels so that with the brake the barrel is over the 16in minimum, so with a 20in you are gtg

Sam .223
03-21-2011, 8:15 PM
what he said, i have a 16 inch barreled rifle with a break thats not pinned and i have a 14.5 barreled rifle that has its brake pinned for OAL requirement