View Full Version : Streamlight Polytac HP

03-20-2011, 10:42 PM
I just bought one of these lights from gunkings.com for $41.75 including shipping. Took 6 days to arrive from Texas. This is my new bedside table flashlight.
I used to keep a Surefire G2 LED close by for checking things out at night and its a nice light, but I like this new Polytac better. It has a very sharply defined round white spot that is much brighter than the slightly blueish blobby spot on the G2. I like the simple click-on-off switch on this Polytac compared to the twist-on G2. The Polytac seems well made. I know the Surefire is battle-tested and all but I don't expect to be that hard on this new Streamlight. Package says its "designed and assembled in the USA". 150 lumens compaired to 80 for the G2. I suspect this thing would really blind someone for a good long while if flashed in their eyes at night.
If anyone is looking for a nice high-powered LED light, check it out.