View Full Version : Nice Enfields at Imbert & Smithers

10-24-2006, 9:58 PM
I was in there in San Carlos today and saw a very nice No1 mk3 Ishapore for about $200 and a No4 mk2 for $175. The No4 was in great shape but someone had cut off the barrel so that is was flush with the nose piece, like on a No1. I removed the bolt (all numbers matched BTW) and the bore was like new. Would make a great shooter.

These were on the consignment rack. There were also a couple No4's behind the counter on the floor but they didn't look in great shape.

Their SKS's (Yugo with grenade launcher cut off) were an outrageous $450 but that's what people are willing to pay at the store.

And always remember, if you are nice to the people behind the counter you can haggle on the price. I have never paid an asking price for any gun there.

10-26-2006, 2:01 AM
Oh i saw the Mk 1 too! Pretty! Shame about the cut down No4. mk2 - i've been looking for one, but it sounds too bubbarized. Imberts is great for enfields - always seem to have some! I got my no.4 mk1 from them - couldn't be happier!