View Full Version : Winchester 22 mag dynapoints are pretty ok

03-19-2011, 6:24 AM
I shot a box of 50 yesterday. They are surprisingly accurate except for a couple of rds that had damaged bullets ( probably during shipping or packaging). They come in a thick paper/ thin cardbox box. groups were nothing to write home about, but they have far more fun factor (pretty good amount of recoil and flip for a 22 mag, nice bit of muzzle flash and a solid, powerful sound out of a 4.5" barrel) than .22lr for convertible revolvers. I order most of my ammo from buds, flat shipping rate so I threw in a couple of boxes of dynapoints, come in at ~8 bucks per 50. Data from a source I cant remember the link to says they hit ~1100 fps out of a 4" barrel (modded Bearcat) with a 45 grain bullet, its a fun range rd.

If you ever get bored of .22lr out of a convertible single six or other, this pretty cheap ammo will breathe new life.

While hornadys 45 grain critical defense rds. are sold out everywhere as well as speer gold dot 22 mag (1100 fps out of 2" NAA), the same guy who did the chronograph readings for the dynapoint also found that CCI gamepoint (jacketed soft point @ 40 gr.) gets a solid ~1,350 fps out of his 4" bearcat.
Probably the best bet as far as .22 mag defense rounds that are available.

03-19-2011, 8:25 AM
Nice job, and I agree that shooting 22 magnums are very enjoyable. Picked up our Marlin 925RM yesterday morning and tomorrow we get to take home our new Rough Rider. Now we're just waiting for the care package from Gunsatcost to get here (ear & eye protection, various targets, scope mount, extra magazines and a couple thousand rounds of .22 & .22 wmr ammo) and then we're gonna take a day off and hit the range. Can't fricken wait.....

03-19-2011, 8:56 AM
Edit2add----looks like we ordered 4 boxes (50 @ box) of CCI Maxi-Mags, 40 grains, jhp, 1875 fps at $8.79 per box. We'll see how they fly and letcha know.....

03-19-2011, 1:35 PM
I have tried Winchester Dynapoints in my 925M and they are at best, plinking ammo. Not very accurate and several fail to fire in a box of 50. In fact I had 3 boxes, shot 1 and gave the other 2 away to a range buddy that likes them in his revolver. Maxi-mags on the other hand shoot under 1/2" @ 50 and 1" @ 100yds and never a fail to fire. The dynapoints are ok for handguns but think not for rifles.

03-20-2011, 9:25 AM
ya dynapoints bullets are just good for .22mag revolvers (or pistols if there is such a thing). Bullets look like they were shaped with a mallet. Basically to add spice to your convertible single actions.