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Wahhh Zooo
03-16-2011, 3:51 AM
Hello all. I'm 23, male, and live in Whittier, CA. I have always had an interest in guns ever since my cousin and his friends took me out to an outdoor range and let me fire off some handguns and rifles on my 18th birthday. It was fun and exciting and I've always wanted a gun of my own since then. That was years ago but now that I'm living on my own, I can finally get my own gun without having to worry about others. I plan to get a handgun mainly to have some fun and improve my skills, so I could use it for home defense should the situation present itself. As with any newly interested shooter, I find myself overwhelmed with the enormous selection of handguns/calibers/ammunition out there. I have been reading up on them, but it's hard to put the feeling of firing a gun into my mind when I've only fired less than 50 rounds. I was wondering if this forum has any type of event in which you more experienced shooters with a bigger selection of guns would take people like me to a range and let us use your guns so we get a feel of which gun is for us. I had planned on visiting indoor gun ranges and renting guns but it would cost a pretty penny. I'm just trying to find the right gun without burning to big a of a hole into my pocket. That money is better used on more ammo! If anyone knows of a good place that has a flat fee or something to get me accustomed to many different guns before I buy, it would be appreciated. Sorry If this is too long an introduction? I'm not a forum type of guy so I don't really know the etiquettes of an opening self introduction post but if you've read this far, I thank you for your time. :)

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Good to have you here. Welcome to the forums!

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Welcome to Calguns !!!

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Welcome aboard! Nicely detailed intro. If I read it correctly, you are 19? If so, gonna be a few more years before you can get a handgun.

ETA: Whoops, read it again and you are not 19.