View Full Version : K31 or Mosin-Nagant for practical use?

10-15-2006, 4:58 PM
Okay, so it's apples vs. oranges.

Past that, which rifle would you recommend for general practical use (standing/kneeling/prone - no benchrest, etc.) such as hunting or social situations? I'm not a SHTFanatic (btw, I'm copyrighting that unless someone else coined it first :p , but realistic SHTF considerations are nice too (e.g. reliability, esp. in dirty conditions & ammo cost/availibility - is 7.62x54R any easier to find than GP11?). Tack-driving precision is nice, but is the K31 going to have a useful degree of accuracy over the Mosin-Nagant in practical usage?


Dr. Peter Venkman
10-15-2006, 5:43 PM
Surplus commie bloc 54R is pretty easy to find. 30 bucks will get you at least 400 rounds. As far as relability goes, my nagants (91/30 and M44) often get sticky bolt syndrome where I've had to use quite a bit of force to open them back up to chamber the next round. Soup Nazi can attest to this, but probably not without mentioning a few other things. :p

The K31 seems to be the better rifle. I've never handled them before, nor fired one, but I doubt there would be many issues with the action while shooting and cycling the bolt considering it goes straight back and foward. However the trade off for this is that the ammo is a bit more expensive. The 6 round magazine also provides that extra shot, if it was ever needed.

10-15-2006, 6:11 PM
I've handled many of both rifles, and the K-31 is certainly the better crafted piece of machinery. The action is exceptionally smooth and unbelievably fast. The ammo is more expensive, but commercial stuff is starting to become more prevalent.

Be careful, the K-31 are not only very addictive, but they multiply like rabbits.:cool:


Mssr. Eleganté
10-15-2006, 6:22 PM
The ammo for the K31 costs about 5 times as much as the ammo for the MN, but there is a chance that a K31 you buy might be 5 times more accurate than an MN you buy.

If you are going to be target shooting at paper then a more accurate rifle is way more fun.

If you are going to be shooting at cans then a cheap-to-shoot rifle might be more fun for your pocketbook.

If you think that you might get into reloading sometime down the line then there are many more bullet choices available for the K31 because it has the same bore diameter as the .308 and 30-06. Finding good bullets to reload for the MN can be hard.

Oh, and I was going to suggest you change your user name to SHTFanatic, but a Google search found that Zach S from western North Carolina used the term over at The High Road on June 12th, 2005 at 12:10 AM. Too bad. That was a good one.

10-15-2006, 6:30 PM
The K31 is probably the better rifle. The Mosin is probably the better solution. I have fired a k31 a little and like it very much, but I bought two M38's when they were on sale at Big5. The 7.62x54R is so cheap that I find myself taking a Mosin to the range every time I go. If my friends are eating up all of my expensive calibers, I'll let them bruise their shoulders with a bundle of those and they're ready to rest for a while.

I don't have enough experience shooting the K31 to comment on accuracy, but I do know that I shoot better with the K31 I tried than with my Mosins. That said, either of my Mosins will put 5 rounds in the black at 100 yards, which is good enough for me.

As for the sticky bolt, I followed some online advice and fired a few shots, thoroughly cleaned the chamber (while it was warm), and haven't had any problems since.

10-15-2006, 7:56 PM
The MN has the edge on ammo price and availability. Everything else goes to the K31.

M. Sage
10-15-2006, 9:21 PM
If you're going "practical," I'd vote for the Mosin, since they're usually at least somewhat beat up anyway, so you won't feel bad if you (like I did today) come home after a practical-style shoot and find you put a minor gouge in the stock. Meh. What's one more?

Mosin stripper clips are easy to find. Get the Tikkas!

Question: How easy is it to shoot a K31 left-handed by the way? I'll attest to being able to cycle a Mosin's bolt when you're shooting lefty, and it's not that hard.

I've shot well over 1000 (I'm at maybe 1500?) rounds through my 91/30, I've had the bolt want to stick closed on me maybe three times, max. I've shot brass-cased (about 880) about a hundred rounds now of lacquer-cased, and several hundred of copper-washed steel-cased.

Even the lacquer, which I thought MIGHT give me a problem hasn't been so far, and I was shooting 'em through as fast as I could today. I walked off one stage and the handguards were past "warm" and getting to what I'd call hot.

Dr. Peter Venkman
10-16-2006, 12:57 AM
My mosins didn't have much of a problem when they got warm, ironic considering where they were made. I'll take apart the bolts anyways as you said Sage. .