View Full Version : Standard M1A w/ Springfield 4th Gen mount

03-10-2011, 6:00 AM

I've been looking into optics for my m1a, and I'm a little overwhelmed with the number of companies and the prices that accompany some of the scopes I've seen.

There's not really any stores nearby where I can go and look through the scopes myself so I'm at a bit of a loss as to preferences concerning brands and quality.

So here's the deal:
I plan on shooting from 50 -300 yards usually with this setup. I don't plan on going beyond that, and if I do, I'll look into a different scope/sight for that purpose.

I'd like to keep magnification low, for example a 1 to 4 power would probably be my ideal, but I'm open to suggestions.

For price, I want it mounted to my rifle for ideally less than 350. I might break the bank open for a bit more, if I can be convinced it's worth it, but it's highly unlikely I'll settle for anything over 500 all said and done.

The only things I REALLY ask for from your suggestions are the ability to hold zero, and the best image quality for the buck. I realize I'm not going to be getting much for the price, but what I do get, I want to be worth my money.

If possible, I'd like some form of bullet drop compensator... mil dot, moa, or SOMETHING. Not a requirement, but it'd be nice.

Also, I'd like if it were electronic, meaning illumination. Again, not a requirement, but it would be nice.

Thanks ahead of time for your help.

03-10-2011, 9:47 AM
I picked this up at a gun show recently.EAGLE-YDRS40 2.5-10x40RL1 VARIABLE POWER SCOPE. I got it for my AR but I may get another for my M1A as well. Reticles are mil dot and illuminated red or green. Has a bullet drop compensator from 100-500 yards, but I think it is just to get you in the neighborhood and you make close corrections yourself. They say they test them out on 50 BMG for torture tests, so I will hold zero. Prices are reasonable.

03-10-2011, 9:52 AM
I put a Nikon Monarch scope on my M1a and am very happy with it, I only paid 400 bucks for the scope. Great line of scopes for the money.

03-10-2011, 2:14 PM
I've decided to lower the cost a bit, and limit myself to 200 and lower for the scope + some amount of money for rings/mount.

The best economic scopes I've seen people praise are the Redfield and Vortex.

The Redfield Revolution 2-7x33 is 150, or 160 with BDC. I've found a Vortex Viper 2-7x32 for 170. I'm not sure about all the different lines of Vortex and such. How do these scopes compare?