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03-09-2011, 11:43 AM
Baby on the way so no more play!....wahhhh. I don't want to sell this rifle but life's responsibilities are calling. This ar grouped .5" 3 shot groupings with black hills 68g match ammo. I have put a total of 300 rounds through it with proper barrel break in procedures. this is a great rifle for a good price. PM for further interest.


Selling spikes tactical ar15. It has the following components:

>spikes billet lower receiver
>spikes enhanced lower parts kit and trigger assembly
> ambi bolt release
>KNS anti walk trigger pins
>hogue grip
>spikes aluminum buffer tube assembly
>Magpul ACS stock
> 4 10 round c products mags
>spikes billet upper receiver
>DPMS Titanium nitrate coated bolt carrier assembly
>BCM gunfighter charging handle
>Viking Tactics free float rifle length forend
>DPMS 18" heavy contour fluted barrel
>PRI low profile gas block
>PRI quiet control break muzzle break
>b square scope mount
>Redfield 4-12 thin crosshair scope
TOTAL BUILD COST $2,400.00 SELLING FOR $2,000.00


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Why would you post this here and not the for sale forums? It's also against the rules to bump your post every two hours. Put it in the right spot, bump it once a day. Play by the rules like the rest of us.