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10-10-2006, 8:41 PM
well Im leaving for my pronghorn antelope hunt in the morning. Gunna be hunting thursday, friday and saturday, spend sunday and monday with family in butte and flyback monday night :D .
Will post pics when I get back :p :cool:

10-10-2006, 10:14 PM
Good luck and stay safe.

10-11-2006, 8:00 PM
Good luck and have a safe and fun trip.

Here are a couple of pics from my Wyoming hunt a couple of weeks ago.



Pre 64 model 70 built by McGowan back in about 1973. Caliber 25.06 1975 dated box of handloads 120grain hollowpoint. My shot distance was between .21 and .22 miles on my GPS. Strong Wyoming right to left cross wind. Hold point was off of the animal. Spine shot. Carried him out on my shoulders. The GPS straight line distance of carry was 1.38 miles.Starting elevation was 7300' end was 6700' Round trip hike when I had to go back and pick up my rifle was 5.5 miles. PRICELESS.:D


10-14-2006, 7:45 PM
well Im kinda dissapointed
Im still here in montana, we took the trailer to a little town and camped in a park. then we went and scouted out the area the at sunset. they have this cool thing where you sign in and put a little form in a box and you can hunt hundreds of acres of pristine grassland, and the rancher gets $5 per day per person. The next morning we woke up about 6:45 (dosent get light untill about 7:30) and drove to the hunting area and there was really dense fog.... San fransisco type fog where you cant see 50 yards infront of ya. we hiked about 7 miles untill that burned off around noon. later that day we drove around a bit more. in the process we drove by some wheat fields with chainlinked fenced concrete pads right in the middle (possible nuke silos):eek: and while driving some more we kept on seeing signs saying "fiber optic cable burried" on the side of the road. also we saw some high power powerlines suddenly end right near the pads and go into the ground. :rolleyes: . that day we also walked up a hill and saw 2 antelope over 350 yards out and they saw us, I took aim with my gun (.243 Win. small ring mauser) and I zoomed in to 12x magnafication, but I was so wobbley out at that distance I decided not to take the shot fearing I would miss and the bullet would go and hit a ranch below on the other side of the hill. but my uncle took his 30.06 and fired missing them, they took off on the other side of the hill and all three of us took of running in different directions towards where they were. we got there and my uncle fires again missing them (over 250 yards), they went down behind where we had came from and stoped. at that point we regrouped and found them again over 1/2 mile down toward the road and the truck and we watched them crawl under the fence and go onto a ranchers land that said no hunting:( .

well this morning we got up at the same time and drove to some private property and hiked 2 miles over multiple "dry" canals (dry on the surface but about 1/2 inch deep of mud that pulled you down like a suction cup) where we saw 1 female 1/2 mile away ontop of a little hill...she saw us and we decided not to scare her so we went over a hill to our right and go toward her via a canal. we got about 700 yards from her and me and my brother started up a ridge and we were about 150 yards away from her, with a valley between us and she started to take off because she saw me (fast buggers....going near 40 mph). right then I fired missing her, my brother fired with his lever action .308 and missed....by the time I had a second round in the chamber she had gone over the other side and I started toward her. we later regrouped and decided to enter another field and went up on the highest hill to look but all we saw were some other hunters on the road in a truck hoping to find our lope before us. at that point we took the long long walk back to the truck and go home, on the way I shot 3 jack rabits that bust our running infront of me when we were passing some sage brush fields.

all in all even though I didnt get a lope it was a good time....I love how in montana it is legal and vey common to open carry, also to have loaded guns in the car....and it isnt bad manners to go into town in camo with muddy boots. and last but not least, able to buy guns at the roadside gas station, cash and carry:D

10-14-2006, 9:25 PM
Meth madness has spawned a huge pawn shop industry in MT. Check it out. There are some excellent deals to be had.

10-15-2006, 6:52 PM
you would not belive the amount of anti meth adds here, like every street corner there is huge billboards, my uncle was showing me the local jail where the high school students had painted "Meth Hotel" on the side :p .
today we went to the range where we brought 7 handguns.... most were in cases with mags loaded then my uncle brought out a loaded cz 85 9mm from under his trucks seat and said "this is why there is no car jackings in Montana":D.