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03-07-2011, 8:06 AM
Are you an experienced rifle shooter? Ever wanted to see if you could shoot and consistently hit a target at 1,000+ yards? Then this is the class for you! This will be an old school style class taught by former law enforcement and special forces snipers, no Kestryl meters will be used. There are limited spots available for this course (10 slots max) and the cost is $200. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, credit cards, or prepay through the website ahead of time. Spots must be reserved by September 1st at 5pm. A deposit of $100 will be required to reserve your spot in the class. Should you be unable to attend the $100 will be credited towards a future class. Shooters will need between 75-100 rounds for the day. Everything will be done from the prone position, bipods are allowed. We will teach you how to read the wind, proper zeroing of your rifle, adjustments for various ranges, and range estimation. To reserve your spot in the class a deposit must be made through the website here. (http://www.5arrowstactical.com/Store.html) The class will be held out at Piru, CA .

03-08-2011, 10:35 AM
Wouldn't using your CCW at a 1000 yrds be hard to prove as self-defense in court;)

Bobby Hated
03-08-2011, 2:30 PM
im interested. just returned my nf. gotta wait to get the refund to order the new one. when the new one is ordered ill pm you for a place.

mods please dont move this!

03-08-2011, 8:52 PM
I would love to take this course, but I still have to take a basic rifle course. How often do you have this course?


03-09-2011, 7:08 AM
This is the first time class that is being offered. Additional ones will be held and scheduled based on the feedback and sign up rate. The class will take you through zeroing your rifle and the other basics you need before you start shooting at 1,000 yards. The whole class is designed to take say an average hunter and show them what they can do with their rifle. Varying distances will be shot: 200, 600, 600-800 random distances for range estimation, then finally out to 1,000 yards. Make sense?

03-11-2011, 12:09 PM
Very interested...

What equipment are we going to need? (slings, spotter scopes, laser range finders etc etc)
Also, calibers allowed? (bolt and semi ok?)
I'm honestly thinking about bringing my .50bmg out, but I can always fall back on a .308

03-11-2011, 6:52 PM
You can use whatever caliber you wish, as long as it is realistically capable of handling 1,000 yard shots on a consistent basis. Bolt or semi is allowed. No laser rangefinders, we are teaching old school range estimation and wind reading. You will need around 75 rounds of ammo for the day. Slings, bipod / sandbags, shooting mat / pad, spotter scopes / binos, snacks, drinks, folding chair, and weather appropriate clothing. All shooting will be done from a prone position. Let me know if you have any other questions.

03-28-2011, 8:28 PM
PM sent

03-28-2011, 8:58 PM
Responded to it as well. Thank you!

Bobby Hated
04-02-2011, 11:08 AM
im in. how do i reserve?

04-02-2011, 3:08 PM
Saw your PM and responded to it. Your spot is saved. Just a couple left if people are still interested.

04-16-2011, 6:54 AM
Count me in Sir. thanks much!

05-11-2011, 8:43 AM
How did the class go? Any AARs to share?

05-14-2011, 3:50 AM
I am surprised no AARs from this class. At the class we had 9 of the 11 registered shooters show up. Started them out with classroom time and had them zero their rifles at 100 yards. Then we started walking them out further and further with 10" steel discs. Most common caliber was .308 on a Remington 700 platform. Had a 338 Lapua, 300 Win Mag, and a 270 on the firing line as well. Everybody learned new things, some more then others. By then end of the day about half of the students were consistently hitting a silhouette at 800 yards even with the swirling wind. Real good bunch of students out there that made for a very fun day.

07-07-2011, 3:08 PM

I may have two more. They're attempting to secure hall passes right now.


07-07-2011, 3:44 PM

I may have two more. They're attempting to secure hall passes right now.


That is great! Let me know as there is room for them and some others still.

07-19-2011, 5:42 AM

I may have two more. They're attempting to secure hall passes right now.


Have they heard if they are going to come or not yet? Still some spots open. Sign on up people!

07-27-2011, 5:05 PM
Unfortunately, one is a no and the other is a soft maybe. They're definitely not Calgun material.

07-28-2011, 1:05 PM
Hope they can get the hall pass and come on out.

07-31-2011, 12:25 PM
I just might have to do this if it doesn't conflict with my trip to the lake. Will send a PM early this week.

07-31-2011, 3:58 PM
Would love to have you.

07-31-2011, 6:43 PM
I am not in a position to do this right now but is there a beginner rifle course that you have to take before this one? I am a total noob at long range stuff.

07-31-2011, 6:45 PM
I would love to do this class, how do I sign up? Your website kinda blows..

07-31-2011, 7:09 PM
I would love to do this class, how do I sign up? Your website kinda blows..
Sorry to hear that the website disappoints you. To sign up for the class, just send an email to me: dharlow at 5arrowstactical.com with your contact information and I will send you full details on the class.

07-31-2011, 7:11 PM
I am not in a position to do this right now but is there a beginner rifle course that you have to take before this one? I am a total noob at long range stuff.

This class can handle all skill levels. Everyone from beginner to experts will learn something at this class. As long as you can zero your rifle at 100 yards we will work with you and teach you how to improve your range from there.

08-27-2011, 10:46 PM
Just settling in from today's long range class.

The instructors were all great guys and had a lot of good advice and stories to share. I learned quite a bit of new information and helped reinforce other info that I thought I already knew.

I enjoyed the preshoot class time and I think it helped reinforce the skills needed to hit the 1000 yard gong. I think reinforcing the basics (especially the breathing and CONSISTENCY) really helped me.

The coaching at the firing line was helpful and the class size was the right size to be able to have a good instructor to student ratio. Someone was always around, watching, and available. The instructors were all very patient with us.

Food was good and we were well taken care of.

Thanks again to Darren, Eric, and Dennis (and Dennis' wife (I apologize I forgot your name)).

By the way, all the shooters hit the 1000 yard mark today!!

I will be looking forward to the next class I take with these guys and highly recommend it.

08-28-2011, 6:34 AM
Thank you for the great feedback. Class was a lot of fun, and having everyone hit the 1,000 yard gong makes it even better. Thank you also for your email, I will be sharing with with Eric and Dennis as well.

08-31-2011, 4:10 PM
"“Number two ready”" I called out. The instructor responded “"Number two…. Send it”"

I calmed my breathing, checked that both ankles were down and that my grip was good. Held the sight picture and squeezed. Then waited for what seemed an eternity for the bullet to get to the target and for the sound to come back. The “ding” of the hit was music to my ears.

The class was awesome! I normally shoot 100 yards and felt it was quite a stretch to do 1000. Now I would feel very comfortable trying that again on my own. I highly recommend this class to anyone considering it. You won’t regret it.

09-01-2011, 7:09 AM
You guys did great! Very impressed that everyone hit the 1,000 yard gong.

09-02-2011, 9:31 AM
Photos are now available here. (http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.208019822592901.50005.194618747266342&l=df18a5e7d0&type=1)

02-28-2012, 4:06 PM
PM Sent.

I read above no Kestrel's, does this also mean no Android ballistics apps? If so, how about drop charts?

02-28-2012, 4:08 PM
You can use your apps and drop charts. Just trying to teach you how the old school way is done so that the other apps and tools people use are not a full requirement every time you shoot at long distances.

05-17-2012, 9:52 AM
So does anyone know if this range will be open for Target Practice on May 20th 2012? i try to call the ranger number and press 2 for target shooting but its hard to determine if it says as of may 10th is it now open or Not open....kinda odd, any help would be great.

05-17-2012, 10:27 AM
This is not a range at all, but private land that I have the permission of the land owner to use for training. That could explain why you were confused on if this is available for target shooting or not.

Maltese Falcon
06-14-2012, 12:56 PM
E-mail sent.


06-14-2012, 1:25 PM
Response sent. Looking forward to seeing you at the class.

07-31-2012, 10:48 AM
how long is the class? whats the weather usually like out there? is there shooting mats or ez ups allowed ? what is the terrain like?

07-31-2012, 9:32 PM
Class runs from 9am - approximately 2:30pm. Weather varies as you are at 4,000 feet above sea level. August will probably be fairly hot. I bring pop-ups and extra ones certainly don't hurt.

Yes, you can bring a shooting mat, in fact it is encouraged that you do. Terrain is a valley that was an old grass runway from many years ago. It opens into a bowl area so learning to read the wind is a big part of the class.

Plus at the end of class I usually grill up tri-tip for everyone that attends which seems to be a great end to the day.

08-28-2012, 10:08 PM
A quick note for 5 Arrows... I sent two of my instructors to the LRR course on 08/25/12.

The following is a report I received on the instructor:

Lead instructor was a Marine Sniper Team Leader very knowledgeable and not only spoke from experience but is also able to teach from his experience simplifying tactic and technique as if he has been a mentor for both new and experienced students before. I would definitely attend another class taught by the lead instructor (Former Marine Sniper Team Leader).

Overall, my attendee said "The 5 Arrows Company was great group guys."

Thanks D-Man for your class!

08-29-2012, 5:56 AM
Thank you for the feedback from your guys.

08-31-2012, 12:49 PM
Any 1,000 yard classes scheduled for norcal?

08-31-2012, 5:13 PM
Nothing on the schedule for Northern California. If we have enough people and a place to run a class up there we are happy to schedule one.

evol ways
09-01-2012, 7:41 AM
I would be interested in a NorCal session as well.

09-02-2012, 9:16 AM
I would be interested in a nor cal class as well.

09-02-2012, 9:31 AM
+1 for Norcal. The 1000yard range in Sac or RedBluff would be perfect.

09-04-2012, 5:06 AM
If you have a spot we can use please contact me via PM and we can work out the details on this class to make it happen.

09-04-2012, 6:53 PM
I would also be up for anywhere around Reno NV?

12-18-2012, 6:06 AM
The location for this class has been changed from Frazier Park, CA to out near Calico, CA.

01-30-2013, 2:14 PM
Are you still doing this class if so when is the next one? Also im pretty new at rifle shooting bought a 308 back in october of 12 and have shot around 150 rounds through it since. All i really have is my rifle and some ammo... is this class over my head at the moment? cuz id really like to learn.

01-31-2013, 8:50 AM
This class is not over your head as we start you at 100 yards and work you out to further distances from there. Next class, as it stays in the thread title, is March 9, 2013 starting at 9am.

01-31-2013, 8:55 AM
Sent a PM regarding spots -- two available for the March class?

Also, another post on CG mentions .243 would work out to 1000 yards -- do you concur? That's the only rifle my son currently has (I was thinking about getting him a .270 in LH, since he and I both shoot off our left shoulders.)


01-31-2013, 8:55 AM
Sent a PM regarding spots -- two available for the March class?

Also, another post on CG mentions .243 would work out to 1000 yards -- do you concur? That's the only rifle my son currently has (I was thinking about getting him a .270 in LH, since he and I both shoot off our left shoulders.)


01-31-2013, 9:27 AM
A .243 would reach, but would only be realistic in almost a null wind situation. That lightweight round would just get blown all over the place in much over a 1/2 value wind. The good news is that you will learn how to read the wind and realize what a realistic shot is as part of the class, plus you will be able to reach out to distances, even sub 1K, that you never felt comfortable doing before. Yes, there are plenty of spots still available for the class.

02-02-2013, 8:39 PM
Any luck finding a spot for this class up here in nor cal? I'd be really interested in taking this class.

02-05-2013, 5:57 AM
So far no luck on NorCal, really could use some help from people in the area on letting us know where we could hold the class. I am happy to make phone calls to set something up once I have a location.

02-19-2013, 8:16 PM

I believe this guy can help with your search for a Nor Cal Place.

David Moore works for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Hollister Field Office. They manage Public Lands ranging from the northern San Luis Obispo County line to the southern edge of the Bay Area and from the Pacific Ocean over to Interstate 5.

They notice a lot of questions on here regarding shooting on BLM lands and they would like to have an opportunity to clarify anything that comes up.

The most popular lands available for shooting within our boundary are Panoche and Tumey Hills off of the I-5 corridor and Williams Hill off of the I-101 corridor. These areas have quite a bit of information about them on our website as well as downloadable maps.


02-20-2013, 2:29 PM
Thanks for the information am also working to get a regular range for the class as well. Hope to have some information on a NorCal shoot in the next couple of weeks.

02-20-2013, 7:16 PM
Awesome...can't wait to hear about the nor cal classes!!!

02-22-2013, 6:43 PM
Slight update on the NorCal classes. I have been talking to the SacValley shooting range and the Long Range Class would have to held on a weekday and not on a weekend since they are already booked to capacity. How many of you would still make it out for a Friday all day class? I need to get to get an approximate head count to see if that makes the class viable or not. The BLM option is also still being worked on.

04-06-2013, 3:13 PM
Yes, we are now back out by Frazier Park on private land. Much better location and a whole lot less wind to contend with.

09-08-2013, 9:38 PM
Interested in the next class.

09-11-2013, 1:16 PM
Awesome class, D-man. Your guys walked me out to ring the gong at 1000 easily. One of them did some showing off with his iron sights on his LRB at 1000.
This class is proof that anyone using a decent rifle and fundamentals can make consistent shots at long range

09-13-2013, 7:50 AM
Thank you for the feedback. All of the instructors had a great time teaching and helping everyone. Next class will be about in the May 2014 time frame. We tend to teach this class about twice a year.

10-18-2013, 9:20 PM
interested in norcal class. weekdays ok. please keep me posted.

10-22-2013, 9:58 AM
http://www.tehamashooters.com In Redbluff:

P.O. Box 475, Red Bluff, Ca. 96080
(530)529-9375 or (530)200-2014

08-12-2014, 10:29 PM
Would a BLR in 30-06 be ok? :62:
or would it be :51:

If it's OK, is there a specific type of ammo I should get?

08-13-2014, 10:56 AM
A rifle in .30-06 is perfect for the class. Recommend decent ammunition, such a ballistic tip bullet and enough of one type to use for the entire class. Other then that, you should be set.

09-20-2014, 1:53 AM

mbz dr
12-24-2015, 8:47 PM
Is nor cal / sac valley still out there or is it dead

12-24-2015, 11:40 PM
Sounds like a fun way to spend the day with my Savage 12 in 6.5 Creedmoor. I haven't had it out past 300 yards yet and I'm sure I have much to learn. I just subscribed to the thread to remind myself to sign up.

06-06-2016, 9:15 AM