View Full Version : Kydex Holsters - need feedback

03-06-2011, 6:31 PM
OK Folks,

I've been working with Kydex a bit this weekend and came up with a layout that I'm pretty happy with.

However, I'd like to get some additional input on the layout - If you see something that could be done better, please let me know.

First (right) and second layout side-by-side. Second version has a shield that keeps my shirt out of the holster after the gun has been drawn. Belt is a 1.5" 5.11 belt and the holster loops grab it pretty tight.


The holster by itself...


...and on the belt. The rear loop on this one pulls the grip nice and tight into the body

03-24-2011, 8:10 PM
Not a bad start, search the boards or even on other forums and you will see alot of different work out there. I myself just started doing small items and there is a big learning curve. Just remember the correct temps, and material thicknesses.
p.s. I believe your working on the wrong side. The more dull side is the one you typically want facing out unless thats a style you like.