View Full Version : Seeking Opinions: SI Defense Billet Matched U/L

03-06-2011, 1:02 PM
I am building my second AR-15 and this one will have a desert/sand color palette. I am going to use a matched billet set and had decided to get the Mega Machine set until I ran across these made by SI Defense while surfing the web last night ($385). You can get them with or without the forward assist (GEN II or GEN III). The company has been around a long time (1978) and is owned and operated by a vet. (http://shop.si-defense.com/Matched_Receiver_Sets_s/51.htm)

I am seeking your opinion on the following:

1) Has anybody have any experience with these billets or manufacturer?

2) They can be ordered pre-anodized in multiple colors (+$20) and I am seriously considering the Desert Sand color. Pros/cons of anodizing?

3) They can also be ordered with an additional picatinny rail at 10 o’clock (+$10). I’m not an operator and don’t know the use of a rail at this position. Any opinions?

Thanks in advance for your input!

03-06-2011, 4:43 PM
i was going to buy a friends extra lower that was a forged si defence. it fit very loose on both of my uppers. also installed a lpk and the bolt catch and safety wobbled alot more than normal. i dont like the finish, you can leave a mark on it with a finger nail. this one might have been a lemon but i wouldnt buy one without handling it first.