View Full Version : How to Nitro Gun Blue.

03-06-2011, 3:45 AM
This is how you blue gun parts with nitro blue, you can get these instructions off of Brownells Gun Tech Section,or Youtube has a very good film as well, see below for a link.You can buy the Salts (stump remover from green light sold in hardware stores), 1.You must polish the metal, very well the better the polish the better the finished product. 2. Clean the parts with a degreaser,and make sure the parts are completly dry. 3.Then you slowly heat the salts up,to 700 Degrees F, Wearing safety gear. The Salts melt at about 140 degrees.The salts become clear at about 600 degrees,and will blue at this point a dark blue. 4.Slowly put the parts in the salts hanging them so they do not touch the bottom, 5.Wiggle the parts around to get any air bobbles off the metal, this way they will not leave spots on the blue. Depending on the metal it takes 5-20 min. 6. After the parts have cooled down rinse them with cool water,oil after the parts age over night.

PS the parts shown where sandblasted and are a matt finish again the better the polish job the better the finished product.. good luck Brian G.Below are before and after Picturers of some Parts I nitro Blued. Or see more Picturers @