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10-04-2006, 12:56 PM
My 9 year old son is a total WWII relic buff. I want to collect C&R rifles from the main battlefronts of WWII. I currently have a sweet M1 Garand (USA), and a M38 Mosin Nagant (Russian). I am now wanting a WWII German rifle. What would you recommend? I do not want to spend alot >$500.00, but I do want a shooter...

The Soup Nazi
10-04-2006, 1:26 PM
K98. If you dont want to spend more than 500 dollars, then thats all you're going to get since G41s/G43s are way out of your league there and you won't see any STG-44s here. I've had guys tell me that it'll probably cost you around a deuce and a half depending on whether or not the nazi markings are obliterated.

10-04-2006, 1:51 PM

lots of german 98k rifles with nazi markings

10-04-2006, 2:51 PM
Classic Arms has some Russian Capture German K98's...

I just got one last week...


10-04-2006, 2:53 PM
Sean, email Dennis at Empire Arms, he's the man. He will need your C&R on file before you order. If he doesn't have the rifle in stock, let him know what you want & he'll find it.


10-04-2006, 3:00 PM
Try some auction sites like auctionarms.com or gunbroker.com. Pick up a 91/30 Mosin Nagant while they are still cheap. The m38 is more of a post war rifle. Also the Finnish Mosin Nagant has a fascinating history from the WW2 era. The Russian reworks of the Nazi Mausers are interesting as a class by them selfes. Most of the Japanese weapons under $400 are not in very good shape. Look for those that do not have a ground mum and are complete. "Last ditch" ones are going up in price. You have embarked on a never ending quest. Have fun!

10-04-2006, 3:23 PM
YES! +1 to Icarus
If he's into the WWII's?...get one of those 91/30's for under $100 now!
The M38, (1938) did see action in WWII... it's the M44(1944) that didn't see as much.

10-04-2006, 4:05 PM
Since you are located in So Cal, I would highly recommmend giving a call to Harry Kashiwabara in SAn Gabriel. He's a home FFL specializing in german mausers and mauser parts. His prices are a bit higher than online retailers but it should even out after transfer and shipping fees.

Harry usually keeps around 10 k98s in stock at any given time and you can go over there and inspect his inventory and handselect one in person, which IMO is worth the extra cost. He knows more about german mausers than anyone else I know so any questions you have he would be able to answer.


10-04-2006, 4:15 PM
K98 for what you mention for sure. I have period ammo for this weapon, though I don't own one yet.

One of my holy grails is an StG 44.

M. Sage
10-04-2006, 4:33 PM
One of my holy grails is an StG 44.

Mine, too. But we'll have to move or get SB23 killed off first... (Dunno bout you, but I'll need a lot more money than I have now, too. :p )

+1 to what icormba said:

They ceased production on the M38 not long after the M44 started. The M38 wasn't much of a front-line rifle, though.

10-04-2006, 4:34 PM
Who needs money, I have a credit card. :p

Yeah, no-go in Cali for now...

10-04-2006, 5:14 PM
It sounds like a broken record in here. K98 is what you want. A Yugo capture will probably be < $200 while a Russian capture with markings will be > $200.

Another plus for you is to check out the prices of surplus 8mm ammo. The K98 is a very affordable gun to go shoot :)

10-04-2006, 7:34 PM
There are more legal hurdles than just SB23 you will need to jump through for the STG44... there are some Fed matters as well!

This is a TRUE "Sturmgewehr"!! Semi & Full auto! (select fire)

10-06-2006, 6:48 AM
Cherokee, check your private messages.