View Full Version : good gun socks?

Rooftop Voter
02-27-2011, 2:06 PM
I am looking for 15 good gun socks for my rifles in the safe. I have several mil-surp rifles, a couple shotguns, and 1 scoped 30-06 rifle that I'd like to protect their stocks and metal from anymore dings/gouges.
Any suggestions?

02-27-2011, 2:09 PM
I've used the ones from Big 5 and they seem pretty sturdy. I believe they are 4.95 each

02-27-2011, 2:28 PM
cabelas has a pack of i think 6or7 very good socks

02-27-2011, 2:34 PM
I use Bore Stores and have never had any issues with them.

02-27-2011, 7:31 PM
I have to say the regular ones from Big 5 are fine. Just remember keep those iron sights flipped down.