View Full Version : Coyote in Wyoming

09-29-2006, 6:59 PM
While we were shooting prairie dogs a coyote ran out on the far edge of the field and I estimated him to be about 750-800 yards out, so I spun the elevation dial on the scope up 12" and held high on his shoulder. At the shot my friend told me that I shot over his back and the yote started running to my left. He paused one more time and I held for his lower leg and drilled him right through the lower shoulder with the 142 grain Sierra Matchking out of my 6.5x284. He took about 10 steps and started spinning around and collapsed. I drove my truck out to him and lasered back to a rock in the middle of the field and then drove to the rock and lasered back to my shooting bench for a combined yardage of 732 yards. He was a small coyote (about 20 Lbs) but I was pretty proud of the shot.

Gringo Bandito
09-29-2006, 7:13 PM
That is one helluva shot.

Great choice on cartridge by the way. My dad has been shooting one of those for years and loves it. Flat, far reaching and packs a wallop! Gotta love it.