View Full Version : Part 2: Nordic-Wilson 223 Wylde; 1:8 Test

02-25-2011, 8:01 PM
Just a follow-up from the below thread with extended ranges.


I finally got my hands on some Hornady and PPU 75 grains match ammo to test on this barrel. At 100 yards, the Hornady had the best grouping so I stuck with it for the extended range testing at 200 & 300 yards.

Don't read too much into this... as this was my first time behind the trigger at anything past 125 yards. At least actually shooting for accuracy and not counting times I threw rounds down range for fun. Also, the day was not a great shooting day... 5-10 miles wind with the sun coming in and out of cloud covers. And the spotter I had was junk and really didn't help with adjustment past 200 yards.


After wasting rounds adjusting... I shot the above 5-shots group at 200 & 300 yards using Hornady .223 75 grains BTHP Match.


A 4 shot group... the one round on the lower left was actually my first shot which I knew I jerked. So I settled in and took 3 more shot... producing the above 2 MOA group at 300 yards.

I think once I get more trigger time behind my rig and get more comfortable shooting at distance... I can get the groups smaller. My shooting partner, a much better long distance shooter, also thinks that self rolling my own match ammo would also get the groups smaller.