View Full Version : Moving out of state, comming back after possible law change?

09-23-2006, 10:41 PM
Hey guys,
Lately Ive been thinking about moving out of state for a while (several months to a year) for work and something came to my mind. Say in the event that california changes its laws regarding M14 type rifles and deems them "evil," would i be able to register my M1A before such a deadline thus allowing me to come back to the state with my rilfe? Some of you might say just leave the rifle here in california, but id rather have it with me. Thanks

09-24-2006, 8:55 AM
There's no registration for your M1A.. If they decide to add it to the Assault Weapons list, then you'd have to deal with registering at that time- if you were still a resident of course. Otherwise, you might have to move back in and regain california residency status to register the rifle under your name for our lovely state.

I think once this is done, the gun would be a legally owned assault weapon in California as long as you remained a resident. You coudl move out of state with it, but at that point, you would not be able to bring it back in if you claimed residency in some other state.. Im not sure of the exact laws, but thats how i understand it.

All this is academic anyways, there's currently no registration required for an M1A rifle.