View Full Version : Approved CCW Course for Ventura County

02-20-2011, 9:46 PM
Double Tap Training Center is an approved training vendor by the Ventura County Sheriff Department (www.doubletapshooting.com)

Concealed Carry Weapon Permit Training Course (2-day training)

Date: Private appointments. (Pre-registration is required)
Time: 9am - 5pm
Fee: $250-primary handgun; $50/additional handgun (fee does not include ammunition cost, applicable county processing & DOJ fees)

This course is an approved CCW training course required by the Ventura County Sheriff Department. Students will learn the required training in firearm safety and the law of the permissible use of a firearm. Penal Code section 12050 limits the training of new applicants to 16 hours but mandates a minimum of 4 hours refresher for renewals. A certificate of satisfactory completion will be issued to students who demonstrate the knowledge and proficiency required by the practical test and the written test. The written test requires a passing grade of 80%.

Required range equipment: Students must bring own firearm(s) and ammunition. Eyes & ear protection; firearm (revolver or semi-automatic); firearm holster; 2 speed loaders or magazines; jacket or sport jacket; 250 rounds of ammunition (primary firearm); 75 rounds per additonal firearm.