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02-20-2011, 12:51 PM
Hello everyone!
I just registered to calguns but I'm very familiar to the site, I just never got around registering.

Ok, well I really want to buy a Rifle, due to the increasing numbers of home invasions in our area, however my family is very liberal(sorry) and they are really against owning Guns and pretty much anything that's not Socialism. However when I was younger we had a family friend that was is Pro-Guns and Pro-Democracy. The father was a member of the NRA he would always take his son and me to the range to let loose some stress after losing a game. He would show me how to handle, how to shoot and maintain a gun. Now that I'm 18 years old I can now buy my own rifle, however getting ammo is a different story, but my Dad for the most part is greatly against it(my mom is some-what supportive of guns)... But he did say it's my own money and he would accepted it in his house. So any help trying to convince him that guns aren't bad would be greatly appreciated!

Now on the the other matter!
When I go shooting with my friend, his dad would put a gun in my hand and ask me " how does that one feel" so I've shot a lot of guns and have a feel for them. But the one's that truly got my attention and I thought personally had a great feel for them where, a Ruger mini 30(bullpup?), an Vector 9mm MP5, a HK SL8 and a Winchester 70 .308. All the semis had bullet button's except the ruger and they had "evil Features" Movable butt stock and/or pistol grip. Now my budget is around $1500 what would you guys recommend? I plan to use this gun as a Home defense and Sport shooting with my Friends any input is greatly appreciated!
Thank you for reading my question and answering, god bless.

02-20-2011, 2:59 PM
I'm fairly new to the gun game as well. I would personally recommend a California legal AR-15. Ammo is fairly cheap for these, good home defense weapon and sport shooter. Also you can buy a .22LR upper to make it even cheaper to shoot. Something about $20 for 500 rounds of .22 ammo is very appealing. Should be easy to find a good starter rifle with a $1500 budget. But don't take my word for it, because I'm 18 as well, hopefully some more senior and experienced members can give you their two cents. Welcome to Calguns!

02-20-2011, 3:11 PM
Wellcome to CalGuns! If you like AK Pattern Guns could almost build two for that budget. A AR will be about $800. If you got the patience join CRPA and then CMP to get a M1 Garand for about $600...if you really shop could find a M1A for $1300

02-20-2011, 3:49 PM
Thank you for the replies!
Yes I do enjoy the AR's but from my understanding just buying an upper is around a thousand dollars?
Yes, the .22 are very cost effective, even in my small town, there was a GSG5 for $400 dollars. But I have my doubts about it being a home defense weapon.
I really don't like the looks of an AK, I don't know why....:o
Once again thank you for the replies!

02-20-2011, 3:57 PM
Home Defense = Shotgun
18' Barrel. 12 Gauge. Can get a decent pump shotgun for $200-$300 at Big 5 and/or Turners. Wait for a sale (they occur pretty often, just look weekly). Try to get a Remington 870 or mossberg 500 clone.

Long range = AR-15
Buy stripped lower receiver = $125, local dealer
Buy lower receiver parts kit = $50 online
Buy complete upper with barrel and stock @ http://www.ar15-kits.com/index1.html = $500
Total with taxes, shipping, DROS, etc = ~$750-$850

It is NOT hard to assemble your own AR. You don't have to pay above $1000 for a low-end model.

PS: Make sure to get a CA-legal bullet button (~$25 online) for your AR.

Magazines: Google for AR-15 magazine "Rebuild Kits". Make sure spring, floorplate, follower, and magazine body are included. These are disassembled hi-cap mags that can be shipped to you from out of state. Assemble the mag (out of state, of course... ;)), insert 10 rounds, drill hole in magazine BELOW the follower and INSIDE a groove (on the side of the mag), then pop rivet the hole. You now have a 10/30 magazine: a 10 rnd magazine that looks like a 30 rounder. Make sure you drill into a groove so that the rivet does not prevent the mag from sliding into the magazine well.

02-20-2011, 4:11 PM
I am currently building my own AR like you mentioned. Its around $750 for mine. You can find .22 uppers for about $350 to however much you're willing to pay. Not too pricey.

02-20-2011, 10:28 PM
Welcome to Calguns! :)

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Save your money for school...can score a fun plinker 9mm home defense HiPoint Carbine from DD's Ranch for $290 w/bullet button

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I have a part time Job so school money isn't a big issue I already paid off tuition and books, and I still have money left over from scholarships and work money. I went to a local town sporting goods and they had the M1A for $1500 dollars and new, the guy said he would knock off one hundred dollars for me. But now that someone pointed out a Hi Point Carbine, I'm reconsidering. Anyone have any experiences with HiPoint?
Once again Thank you everyone!