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02-19-2011, 9:21 PM
Is effffing awesome!:) I've been working a ton of overtime sense the beginning of the year to buy a new AR. I started shopping around about two weeks ago. I was choosing between an LWRC M6A3 or a Noveske Infidel. I started at Canyon Sports in Martinez because they stocked the LWRCs.
I got there and sure enough they had about 5-6 in stock, I asked to hold on and check her out. She was beautiful. Then I looked at the tag, 2775.00!.!. I say, " I'm interested but not if i have to pay a 10% mark up". I then say " The guys at the Armory said they'll order me one for 2475.00". The guy behind the counter basically tells me , "we have it in stock" and " then buy it from them". That was enough malarkey for me. I handed the man the gun, said thanks then left.
On down the road to City Arms East I went. I've never been to this store before but I hear good things. I walk in and I'm pretty impressed with the quality and selection of the stock they have. A gentleman immediately asked if I needed help. I tell him I'm looking for a new AR, a Noveske in particularly. He walks me down to the AR section, grabs a sexy 7.62 Noveske from the wall and hands it to me. I explain while that's an awesome rifle, I'm looking for something in 5.56. He tells me to wait right there while he grabs a Infidel in the middle of the DROS. It was love at first sight. "This is what I'm talkin about", I say. I was almost afraid to ask what the price was going to be, I figured a gun like that would surely be marked up. He tells me he can get it to me for less than the MSRP. "Sold, Lets order one up", I say. Stared the DROS right then. Put 1k down and walked out a happy man.
When I got home I got on Noveske's website only to find the Infidel was back ordered.
Now I'm thinking, great, it could be 6 months till I see this thing.
15 days later.
I get a call this morning, it was City Arms saying thay have my rifle. Turns out they threw in a free national match two stage trigger.
I picked her up at about 3pm this afternoon and she hasn't left my side yet.

Anyways just wanted to say City Arms was great. I have to pass three gun shops on my way to City Arms but I don't care. City Arms is now my gun shop.
I would highly recommend anyone in the east bay area looking to buy a gun to check out City Arms.

Thanks City Arms East.

02-19-2011, 9:51 PM
never been to the one in east bay but pacifica one is great!

02-20-2011, 4:57 AM
Yes it is a neat shop, and thanks for supporting local gunshops, you must make good money! Noveskes arent cheap.

They are there to make money of course, I still save money by buying online and paying higher transfer fees though.

I think I might have seen you there a few weeks ago, or could have been another person looking at the noveske rifles.