View Full Version : Input on making Holsters

02-19-2011, 2:53 PM
Hi everyone,

So, I plan on getting hot and heavy into making holsters and probably sheaths for knives.

I naturally want them to be unique. I want them to be nice. I am not trying to start a multi million dollar business, but I would like to make a good product that people will appreciate at a reasonable price.

I plan on making these holsters from Kydex or Concealex.

They will be IWB holsters and I plan on using leather for the backing.

Couple of thoughts.

With the Kydex/conealex does constant use at some point start to wear on the firearm? I was thinking about lining the inside with a felt material. I thought this for one would help prevent the firearm from being worn in certain places and also thought the felt material would help with a little snugger fit. It would also dampen the sound of inserting or removing.

So what is everyone's input on that?

Second, the supertuck I have. the plain leather against my skin honestly feels fine. However I have not work it on hot days to where I am sweating so I dont know if there are any drawbacks to the leather.

I would imagine that the leather if it is exposed to sweat long enough it would probably start to smell. with that thought I was thinking about putting some kind of fabric on it. Maybe something that was detachable and could be washed, or even replaced.

Any thoughts on that?

Any input that can help me start making a good product would be much appreciated.