View Full Version : Paragon Commandant 7500 safe

02-18-2011, 12:51 PM
Does anyone have the Commandant 7500 safe made by Paragon?

I've been looking into safes for a few weeks now... My budget is about $300.
I looked into the Executive Safe from Bunker Hill,but I'm not too sure about it and even the Commandant 7500 is cheaper than the Bunker Hill safe at my local Harbor Freight store in Lomita,CA.Even with the 20% coupon effective till tomorrow.The Commandant 7500 is $257.97 shipped from DiscountTommy.com and a few other sites I searched.

I found the Commandant 7500 on eBay.

Paragons website though doesn't carry the Commandant 7500,kinda weird. I inquired if it is DOJ approved which is not,not much a biggie too me though. It is rated at 1600 for 30 minutes.There's also a YouTube review on it. Honestly,looks pretty good. I need a safe ASAP. My 1 1/2 year old is becoming very inquisitive and most of long guns are stored in the office closet which is nothing more than 2 glass sliding doors she can easily open. The door to the office stays locked but she is starting to close and open doors... anyway here the YouTube video. Tell me what you think?