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02-17-2011, 9:16 PM
Sacramento/Sloughhouse Combat Skills Week April 27 - May 1

You asked and Suarez Internationaol delivers. There were quite a few inquiries in the past to have SI classes in the Northern CA area. We took your feedback and put a package of courses together that provide you with solid fighting skills for Pistol, Rifle, and Knife

April 27-28 Close Range Gunfighting
This course provides you with solid dynamic skills to fight with your handgun.
The focus is on the skills to get off the line of attack and to bring the fight to your attacker, forcing him to react to your actions. This class is not weapon-specific. Bring to class what you would fight with; revolvers and small single-stack semi autos such as a Kahr PM9 are welcome.
Please click here (http://www.suarezinternationalstore.com/april27-282011-closerangegunfighting-sloughhouseca.aspx) for more info or to sign up:

April 29-30 Rifle Gunfighting
Fighting with a rifle while moving dynamically - This course teaches the same core skills that Close Range Gunfighting presents only with focus on the rifle. This course is not focused on a specific weapon type - we work on skills, not on a weapon platform. You can go through this course with a semi-auto rifle or with a lever-action. What this class provides is a solid set of tools to use your rifle efficiently in a dynamic setting.
Please click here (http://www.suarezinternationalstore.com/april29-302011-riflegunfighting-sloughhouseca.aspx) for more info or to sign up

May 1 - Introduction to Defensive Knife
This course group is specifically designed for California - where many counties make it close to impossible for civilians to carry a firearm. Knives, however are highly efficient self-defense tools if used decisively and with the proper technique. This course provides you with the basic tools to take an attacker out of the fight with an edged weapon!
Please click here (http://www.suarezinternationalstore.com/may12011-introductiontodefensiveknife-sloughhouseca.aspx) for more info or to sign up.

Please feel free to contact me (mailto:uli@gebhardsolutions.com) if you have any additional questions.

02-22-2011, 5:24 PM
Two more pieces of information:

The rifle course is open for autoloaders and also for lever action rifles. Bring your Marlin 336 or Winchester 94 and we'll show you how to run this rifle fast and efficient while exploding off the X. Pistol caliber rifles are OK for this course.

The Knife Material was originally developed by Micheal Janich. It is the most simplistic yet effective systems that I've seen taught so far. Easy to learn, easy to apply!

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04-22-2011, 6:00 PM
I'd be interested in taking both the CQC handgun and CQ Rifle fighting.

I noticed some different pricing on the website.

If that discount still stands then I'd like to sign up for both classes this weekend.

Thank you,